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5 Water Conservation Tips for Commercial Landscape Santa Clara CA

F.S. Commercial Landscape Inc. Helps Save Natural Resources, Reduce Expenses

Responsible commercial property managers and owners in Santa Clara, CA, understand the importance of conserving water. At F.S. Commercial Landscape Santa Clara CA, we provide commercial irrigation services that help save money and prevent costly issues through diligent inspections and prompt repairs. As a top landscaper, turn to us for year-round comprehensive commercial landscape services.

We believe strongly in preserving California’s natural beauty and resources. Water is precious, providing life and preserving beauty. To conserve this vital Santa Clara, CA, resource, here are five water conservation tips for your commercial landscape.

Conduct an Audit of Irrigation Systems

A regularly scheduled careful inspection of your water irrigation system helps to identify problems before they get worse. At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we will inspect all components of your irrigation system. We can identify broken sprinkler heads and rotors, check for leaks in pipes, ensure that valves are tightened and working properly. We will also examine the controls and settings to be sure your irrigation system is set to function efficiently.

Install Modern Irrigation Tools

Your commercial irrigation plan should include new equipment and procedures that help to take advantage of weather conditions, the land’s composition and new technologies. Among the new tools available are:

  • Irrigation controllers and water conservation clocks that can sense the weather and adjust output accordingly

  • Sprinkler systems that will turn off automatically when it begins to rain water usage and detect equipment performance issues

  • Pressure regulators that reduce the fogging effect that only increases the amount of evaporation

  • Advanced head nozzles that offer more efficient spray angles and water patterns

Reach the Roots

Using a drip irrigation system applies a low stream of water that’s focused on delivering water to the root system of plants, shrubs, trees and grasses on your property. These solutions help to maximize water absorption while reducing evaporation rates. Another approach to improve root strength and growth is to use spray heads with low precipitation rates, run for longer periods but are run less frequently.

Treat Trees and Bushes Differently

New tree plantings need different watering systems. Installing a separate zone and low-pressure drip systems help new trees become established faster. New lines should be installed to not cross a new tree’s root system. For bushes and shrubs, flat spray heads under the plants should be used.

Choose a Trusted Landscaper as Your Partner

At F.S. Commercial Landscape Santa Clara CA, we want to help commercial customers achieve lower water bills and lower sewer charges due to less wastewater runoff. In environmentally conscious California, companies can leverage this commitment to conservation in their marketing materials and messaging to potential clients, tenants, residents or employees.

Our licensed and experienced teams are ready to help customers with landscape conservation analysis, landscape irrigation planning and water conservation analysis. Once we install a new irrigation system, we will establish a monitoring program to ensure that keep lines, valves, heads, electronic components and clocks working at peak efficiency.

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