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Does Your Office Need A Facelift? FS Commercial Landscape Service Has You Covered

Let Us Help You Reimagine Your Property to Best Serve Employees and Customers

Every few years, it’s a good idea to take a fresh look at your Los Gatos, CA, commercial landscape service and assess what could be done differently. Whether the use of the property has changed or items need a new approach, you want a commercial landscaper who can give you great advice and excellent service. When it comes to Los Gatos landscaping, property owners and managers turn to FS Commercial Landscape to revitalize and refresh.

How should you go about approaching a commercial landscaping facelift? Here are a few things to consider:

Look at High Visibility Areas. Starting with the areas that are the most visible helps you to maximize the impact of your investment. Working on a few areas at a time can also help to keep the budget and project scope manageable. You don’t need to redo the entire campus in order to have impactful results!

Assess All the Features. You want to give a close once-over to each aspect of your Los Gatos landscaping. Are the hardscapes tired, damaged or unused? Are there plants and trees that are tired, diseased or dead? What would the property look like with fresh planting beds of seasonal plants and flowers?

Make an Impact. Large elements can make a big impact on a commercial landscape. Retaining walls, water features and tree plantings can create focal points and visual aesthetics that are attractive and add function at the same time.

Mix It Up. You can make a major impact in Los Gatos, CA by focusing on a diversity in your plantings. Varying the types of plantings and their size, shape and color create differences that are appealing to the eye.

Keep It Simple. Work with your commercial landscaper to create new landscapes that are easy on the environment and easy to maintain. Our commercial landscape service doesn’t end with the installation; we offer maintenance services to keep your property looking beautiful all year.

Keep People In Mind. You want a commercial landscape that people can interact with in different ways. Some of that interaction may be passive: pleasant vistas that can be gazed upon. Other properties lend themselves to interactive landscapes via pathways, benches, walkways and patios.

At FS Commercial Landscape we provide expert commercial landscape design services. Whether its planting beds, flower beds or foundation beds, our teams can recommend native species that will thrive in your location.

We offer hardscape installation services, too, including paths, walkways, walls, patios, decks and stairs. We use several low-energy lighting options that can save on your utility bills, including LEDs, low-voltage and solar-powered lighting.

We are committed to preserving our dear natural resources in California. We can conduct a water conservation analysis of your property to ensure water is being used efficiently and smartly. We can custom-design an irrigation system for your property that improves the quality of your plants and turf, too.

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