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Commercial Landscaping Silicon Valley Trends
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It’s no surprise that in the cradle of technological innovation, technology is leading the way when it comes to commercial landscaping Silicon Valley, CA. Smarter irrigation and water conservation is helping companies save money and natural resources. However, there are some decidedly low-tech trends that are popular this year. At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we help commercial property managers keep ahead of the latest landscape maintenance and tree service trends. Here’s a closer look at the top trends.

Smart Irrigation

New technologies help to save water, reduce utility and wastewater treatment costs and preserve natural beauty. Smart irrigation controllers can download weather information and adjust watering accordingly, or reduce output when rain is detected.

Efficient Irrigation Heads and Regulators

New irrigation heads can reduce water consumption. Rotating heads distribute water more slowly and evenly. Efficient presume regulators help to reduce the fogging effect and lower the rate of evaporation.

Zone Management

Smart zone management with your commercial landscaping helps you deliver less water to plants, shrubs, and trees that can get by with less moisture or less frequent watering schedules.


We know that for many spaces in Silicon Valley, CA, there’s a need to create outdoor vistas that appeal to employees, customers or residents using space for many hours each day. Placemaking creates appealing spaces that attract people and keep them there longer through the strategic use of shade, plants, hardscapes such as benches, fountains and waterfalls, patios or sculptures.

Drought-Tolerant Species

If water and precipitation levels drop, commercial planners are turning to plant species that can withstand dryer weather for longer periods of time. Inspired by the Mediterranean gardens of Greece, Italy and Spain, new landscape designs are using colorful annuals that when matched with the right soil and treatments, can provide beautiful views without a lot of water.

The Green Roof

Imagine converting the roof of your property into a thriving, vibrant colorful vegetable garden. Roofs covered fully or partially with vegetation and plant life have multiple benefits. They can improve water absorption, reduce heat loss, lower energy usage and provide insulation.

Using Native Plants

You will lower your water consumption and energy bills when you use native plants that are common to the soil composition, sun exposure and precipitation in northern California. Native plants often need less maintenance and can create a more natural environment that attracts birds and small animals to the area.

Customized Lighting

New advances in the use of LED lighting allows for more creativity and innovation. You’re your property appealing, safe and visually dynamic at night by installing LED lighting in areas such as stairs, around hardscapes and along walkways.

F.S. Commercial Landscaping Silicon Valley offers a range of services, including water conservation, landscape design and landscape maintenance, tree service and irrigation system assessment, installation and maintenance. When you want to have innovative, bold and beautiful commercial properties, call on our trained and licensed experts to add beauty and function.

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