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As professional commercial landscape designers, the team at FS Commercial Landscape prides itself in being planners and problem solvers for all commercial landscape design and implementation. The entry area to a commercial business property or venue should be a welcoming and beautiful environment for employees, visitors and customers. The skilled and talented staff FS Commercial Landscape will work with you to develop the ideal design for your commercial landscape design needs.

Effective landscaping can transform your property and can influence the perception that others have of you and your organization. FS Commercial Landscape provides business owners and property managers in both Northern California’s San Francisco area and Southern California’s Riverside County, Orange County and Inland Empire, with professional guidance and insight for all commercial landscaping design. Commercial landscapes can include any area surrounding a commercial or public space, where flowers, plants, trees, fences, turf, decks, walks, or other structures are used to create an outdoor living area that is visually appealing or functional. Commercial venues that FS Commercial Landscape have designed for previously include, commercial buildings, master planned communities, distribution centers, corporate offices, parks and more. FS Commercial Landscape provides a complete range of commercial landscaping design services for these environments. Whether you're looking to enhance an existing commercial environment, or you need to design a landscaping plan for a new construction project, the professional landscape designers at FS Commercial Landscape will work with your budget to provide you with the landscaping that best fits your environment. With a keen understanding of what plants, flowers, trees and shrubs grow best in which environments, FS Commercial Landscape is able to recommend functional, beautiful, environmentally conscientious solutions for each client’s individual landscape needs. With each design project, our first step is to evaluate the environment, the foot traffic within the space and the goals for the outside space. Our expert landscape designers will develop a site map, survey and analyze the areas to be landscaped, and meet with you and your staff as needed. We also consider the rainfall in your particular area, size and height of plants, sun and shade exposure, temperature of the environment, types of soil, drainage, and color options of plants and disease resistance of all plants available for the area. We specialize in providing energy and water-efficient materials that are friendly to California's climate and conservation guidelines.

Some commercial landscape design options that we might suggest for you are:

Planting Beds

FS Commercial Landscape provides complete planting bed design and installation. With our knowledge of dozens of plant specimens, we will recommend plants based on the hardiness, maintenance and colors desired. We know which plants work best in sun or shade, and which plants will attract (or discourage) certain birds and insects. Our planting beds will add curb appeal and freshen your property.

Flower Beds

Our landscape designers will create colorful and vivid flower beds that pique your visitor's interests. Seasonally varied beds and flower pots spruce up your property and can make a memorable impression. We work to identify locations for beds of perennial and annual species that do not obscure lines of sight to entryways or signage, complement building colors, and bloom in colors that complement nearby flora.

Foundation Plantings

Whether continuous or segmented, plantings at the base of a building make excellent transitions to other beds.

Trees and Shrubs

Bold statements can be made by planting or transplanting larger items which can also create different levels for the eye to catch. Trees and shrubs provide shade and can complement flowers in color and height.


FS Commercial Landscape works with an extensive variety of products, materials, and textures. Some hardscape areas of commercial landscape design that we provide are the installation of:


FS Commercial Landscape works with an extensive variety of products, materials, and textures. Some hardscape areas of commercial landscape design that we provide are the installation of:

Walkways - Made of pavers, concrete, terrazzo, brick, stone, or pebbles, walkways can complement your beds, gardens and other landscapes.
Paths - Whether gravel, flagstone, or concrete, a path provides flexible and inexpensive design options.
Fences - Whether narrow-slat or picket, fencing can add privacy and security to your property while also being warm and inviting.
Walls - For function or privacy, walls made of brick, stone, wood or concrete add structure and form. Retaining walls can keep natural elements from encroaching on well-traveled paths or walkways.
Patios - While traditionally found in residential settings, a patio made of concrete, natural stone, flagstone, brick or pavers can enhance your workplace by adding space for staff breaks, client gatherings or informal meetings.
Decks - Like patios, decks may be more common in private residences. Some businesses want the function or appeal a deck can provide, whether built from composite materials or wood.
Stairs - A vitally important component of most workplaces, well-constructed stairs are essential for safety and practicality.


Landscape lighting adds beauty, safety and function to your outdoor space. In addition to traditional line-voltage lighting, FS Commercial Landscape also installs newer lighting options such as LEDs, solar-powered, and low-voltage. Fixtures include bullet-shaped pieces, well-lights that are partially buried, path light fixtures or box light fixtures. Effective landscape lighting can ward off potential troublemakers and make the property more inviting to customers and tenants.


Eliminate the hassle of hauling and relocating water hoses with an automated sprinkler system. FS Commercial Landscape will create, install and maintain a custom-designed irrigation system for your property. Such systems will lower utility costs, improve the condition of your turf, and may help to reduce plant stress and loss. One cost-effective solution is to retrofit spray heads on nozzles to cover more area with less water consumption.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource, especially in the California drought. FS Commercial Landscape works to develop systems for our customers that will use water efficiently, economically and prudently. Our water conservation systems ensure that water resources are used to maximum effect. Water conservation systems have many benefits, including:

  • Uniformly applying water in specified areas

  • Managing where water is sprayed to minimize spraying outside of the landscape areas

  • Reducing or eliminating run-off from impenetrable surfaces

  • Preventing wind from distorting spread uniformity

  • Aligning frequency of watering with weather conditions

At FS Commercial Landscape, we understand that landscaping is an investment of time and money. With over 35 years of service and a thoughtful staff ready to serve all your commercial landscape design needs, we feel confident in our work and our ability to design and build a beautiful natural environment surrounding your commercial property.

Whether in Northern California or Southern California, contact FS Commercial Landscape today to arrange for a free quote for your commercial landscape design project. With an office in Fremont, serving the San Francisco area, and another office in Riverside serving Riverside County, Orange County and the Inland Empire, we are conveniently located to come to your property to discuss how we can meet your commercial landscape design needs.

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