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We Specialize In With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and landscaping service. From initial design planning and permits, to managing installations, to ongoing daily, weekly or monthly maintenance, and conservation analysis and irrigation planning, FS Commercial Landscape covers every aspect of commercial landscaping services. Our main landscape services include:

Commercial Sustainable Landscape

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy commercial landscape with lush, dense, green grass, and flourishing vegetation requires professional irrigation management, especially in the California climate and drought conditions. Irrigation Planning and Maintenance is performed by FS Commercial Landscape’s experienced technicians who are trained to plan and install modern irrigation technology that allows for maximum water conservation, low maintenance and saves your business money. Investing in the proper irrigation equipment will drastically lower a business’ water consumption and saves your business cost. After installation, FS Commercial Landscape maintains your irrigation system to make sure it is running efficiently. Our licensed irrigators will do repairs on broken or leaking main lines, valves, leaking heads, electrical troubleshooting, clock replacement/repair, location of breaks and clock programming.

Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

Whether new construction, a complete site redesign or enhancing a problem outdoor area, FS Commercial Landscape can provide the Commercial Landscaping Design services that your business needs. We are experts in knowing what plants will thrive in what areas. We consider key factors including Northside plant exposure, the amount of rainfall in the area, heights and size of plant materials, shade, soil type, drainage, disease resistance, and flower and leaf color and appearance.

Good landscape design can make the difference between a building, property or park appearing welcoming and enjoyable, versus one that appears uninviting and sits empty. It is vital to maintaining a business that the entryway does not deter potential customers or visitors. FS Commercial Landscape considers a variety of different elements that contribute to creating a friendly commercial outdoor environment. With each project, we analyze the property and consider the impact of the design on how the space will be used and what variables will help to create a pleasant atmosphere.

FS Commercial Landscape can give your venue or business that differentiating factor that can make the landscape surrounding your commercial property stand out with unique elements, attracting the clientele you are looking for. Before beginning a landscape design project, we meet with our property owners or property managers to determine what needs and preferences you might have as well as consider the types of people who will be enjoying the landscape.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance and Monthly Service

FS Commercial Landscape provides Landscape Maintenance and Service performed by uniformed, supervised employees. This includes all trimming of plants, lawns and trees, sprinkler system maintenance and repair, pest control and annual flower planting. At FS Commercial Landscape, we understand that property managers are required to monitor a variety of different responsibilities. When you hire FS Commercial Landscape to maintain and service the landscape surrounding your business or venue, you will have peace of mind that the area surrounding your business, including the plants, trees, and foliage, will be well taken care of. FS Commercial Landscape will monitor the health of your landscape as well make suggestions to maintain your overall landscape over time. FS Commercial Landscape provides daily, weekly or monthly landscape maintenance and service for parks, corporate campuses, retail spaces, industrial parks, office parks and homeowner associations.

Water Conservation Analysis

FS Commercial Landscape offers Conservation Analysis for the area surrounding commercial buildings or venues. Conservation Analysis is the service of assessing the natural elements in an active landscape and evaluating ways to protect that natural space by analyzing competing uses, values, and other threats and opportunities. Whether it is conserving a certain species of animal or plant life, conserving water, or developing a plan that carefully integrates human needs with the natural existing environment, FS Commercial Landscape can conduct a conservation analysis and develop an appropriate plan of action to create a harmonious environment. Following a conservation analysis, FS Commercial Landscape will explain our findings and make suggestions to best implement systems that will preserve the local environment while still achieving the landscape goals of the property.

Tree Service

FS Commercial Landscape provides tree care services, planning and installation for commercial property’s in Riverside County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. FS Commercial Landscape plants trees and helps maintain trees and shrubs surrounding businesses. We work to maintain your tree’s health and appearance as well as assess them for safety risk. In addition to tree planting, our tree maintenance service includes tree removal and pruning. Our professionally trained arborists are familiar with a variety of different tree species, their sun/shade tolerance, growth speed and density, and moisture requirements.

Every commercial real estate’s landscape has its own unique elements. With this in mind, FS Commercial Landscape develops individualized landscape service plans for each and every one of our client’s specific needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff and wide geographical service area allow us to meet each client’s specific landscape needs while keeping our costs affordable.

The benefits of hiring FS Commercial Landscape to design and maintain the landscape surrounding your business property are endless. Our professional and carefully planned out landscape design services increase curb appeal and keep potential customers looking. Our expert conscientious landscape design also draws attention to your entry way and creates a welcoming environment. Our creative and thoughtful landscape design will also create an architectural cohesiveness at your property allowing the building and surrounding environment to complement each other. Our continual maintenance and service of your landscape will allow your property to mature naturally with plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. Additionally, our maintenance, conservation analysis, and irrigation planning will allow you to reduce energy costs,

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FS Commercial Landscape is your premier landscape contractor in both Northern and Southern California. We specialize in Commercial Sustainable Landscapes, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Design, and Tree Services.

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San Francisco Bay area office provides services in and around, Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, Fremont, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Hayward, South Bay, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Antioch and Pleasant Hill. Our Southern California office is located in Riverside and services Riverside County, Orange County and the Inland Empire