Tree Service

Trees add so much to your commercial property, providing color, shade, shape and structure. At FS Commercial Landscape, we provide a full-range of tree service to plan, install, and care for the trees on your Southern California commercial property. Our tree service strives to ensure that trees on your commercial property remain healthy and vibrant for years to come. FS Commercial Landscape is a full-service commercial landscaping company, that provides planting and maintenance for trees on commercial properties throughout Riverside County, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Tree Planning

The trained tree service specialists from FS Commercial Landscape have extensive knowledge about a variety of different tree species, including sun and shade tolerance, growth speed and density, and moisture requirements. We work with small and large commercial property clients to recommend what trees to plant, how to plant them and where to plant them. We work with local tree providers with extensive inventories so that we can offer a variety of tree options and surrounding landscape plantings, to meet your property goals and budget.

We value sustainability, conservation and compliance with local water restrictions. We therefore provide you with recommendations about native tree species with strong drought tolerance to meet your long term maintenance needs.


FS Commercial Landscape offers routine and regular tree maintenance pruning services. Trees that are properly pruned, retain a naturally pleasing appearance and live longer to provide a pleasing impression and safety to your commercial property. Our skilled tree maintenance staff, prune tree species using proven maintenance practices such as clearing, crown thinning, reduction, shaping, end-weight reduction, and building clearance.

Crown Thinning

Cleaning a tree's crown removes dead or diseased branches, thins out the tree cover that may be impeding light or rubbing against buildings, and lowers wind resistance to improve safety.

Shaping and Building Clearance

Branches can often end up striking a building's roof or windows, impeding a doorway, or allowing unwanted animals to have easier access to your property. Careful shaping of tree branches can reduce these hazards while not harming the tree and maintaining its structural integrity.

Vista Shaping Pruning

Vista Shaping Pruning is done to reshape trees in order to restore views from a property, allowing for better views of lots, signage, parking lots, entrances, or other features. Our staff will plan and manage pruning projects to retain the structure and health of your trees while improving visibility.

Tree Removal

Removing dying or dead trees reduces the risk of damage or injury on your property. At times, tree removal is necessary to allow new construction, expansion, landscaping, or repair to on-site buildings. The tree removal specialists from FS Commercial Landscaping understand the importance of removing trees safely from commercial sites. Our arborists are experienced and highly trained in removing large or small trees. We specialize in difficult tree removal situations such as near buildings, close to or touching utility lines, and in areas of limited access. Tree removal is among the most dangerous components of arbor-culture. Our staff consider safety first, with a commitment to creating a safe work site and keeping employees, visitors, customers and property out of harm's way.

Bracing and Cabling

Braces and cables are support mechanisms that strengthen weak branches, trunks and stems. These devices can reduce the risk of limb or branch failure. During high wind or strong rains, braces, which are rods positioned in weaker branches, provide additional support. Cables made of high-strength steel, connect to bolts installed on a tree's crown. Both types of devices bolster the durability of weakened limbs.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stumps can be removed at the time a tree is cut down or at a later date. FS Commercial Landscape can also grind or remove older stumps from trees that were cut previously. Our high-quality stump grinding machines can remove unsightly or unwanted stumps on your commercial property. Stumps of any size or location are no problem for our technicians. Our landscape planners are also available to design a solution for after the stump is removed for restoring and replanting in the former stump location.

Fertilization and Insect Control

Keeping your trees growing and healthy requires proper nutrients. We will inspect your existing trees to assess the condition on fertilization needs of each landscape. We apply sub-surface fertilizers to maintain proper resources and nutrients to the surrounding soils. We will identify any existing or potential insect or other pest infestations in your trees and recommend the best solutions to maintain the health and beauty of your property, including immediate actions and preventative measures that can control insect breeding and infestations. Trees add natural beauty, shade and diversity to the look and feel of your commercial property. Protect and maintain the trees on your commercial property site with professional tree service from FS Commercial Landscape, serving Riverside County, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

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